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Harkins Theatres is an American movie theater chain with locations throughout the Southwestern United States. Harkins Theatres is privately owned and operated by its parent company, Harkins Enterprises, LLC. The company currently operates 34 theaters with 515 screens throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas.


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Current Employee - Usher/Cashier says

"standing, paycheck, customers, managers, cleaning"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- No clear direction - Exclusively top-down leadership - Limited collaboration and highly compartmentalized - Inability to meet deadlines and follow through on commitments - Disengaged staff at all levels - Lack of technical talent and leadership experience Most of the challenges at Harkins are embodied and driven directly by the executive team. Below are two examples to give potential employees an insight into the leadership style and culture: - Executives acknowledged cultural challenges among the growing team. The solution was to create a meeting called "The Modern History of Harkins" where they spent 1 to 2 hours with each department orating the modern history of Harkins, focusing on their additions to the team. There was no interest in hearing feedback from any team member and spoke 100% of the entire meeting about their rise to prominence. During this meeting they referred to themselves as world leaders such as George Bush and Winston Churchill. It may have been one of the most tone-deaf things I have ever heard about. It quickly became a running joke around the office and teams dreaded the looming presentations on their calendar. - Regularly failed execution and missing deadlines on key projects, critical technology initiatives, theater openings, content decisions, and new corporate office construction. Nearly a complete inability to follow through on any commitment made during my entire tenure. - Bad judgment. An example was a public gaffe of releasing a Harkins branded loyalty cup that included intellectual property without permission from major movie studios which became fuel for several public news stories. There were no repercussions or actions from this decision for the executive team despite the significant costs and impacts. It was even joked about by the executive team in public forums after the incident. These examples are not all encompassing of the Harkins corporate culture. Hopefully they provide a glimpse into the leadership at Harkins. Overall, I would highly NOT recommend Harkins to leaders, innovators, highly engaged team members, or anyone looking to grow within an organization. You will likely regret the decision as most of us have and start looking for a new opportunity very quickly. If you feel this is a disgruntled employee, I would recommend tracking down former Harkins employees to get their thoughts before taking a role. You will find many of the hires at corporate positions struggle to make it more than 3 years."

Former Employee - Team Member says

"terrible management. Managers do no work and yell at team members constantly for silly things. Terrible pay for the amount of physical work and ridiculous 6am-3am hours."


"Low pay and horrible work schedule. Frequently don’t know your schedule until 2 days prior to the start of the week, same goes for if your time off requests are approved for out of state vacations. Difficult if not impossible to have a personal life."


"Managers don't care about you or your hours, i guess thats expected at any company tho"

Current Employee - Conssessions, Usher, Team Leader, Door Person says

"Complaints against management are met with workplace harassment and retaliation. I wouldn't recommend working here unless one of your parents works for the EEOC or Civil Rights Division."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper management is a boys club. If someone in upper management does not like you, they will find any reason to get you fired. They make false promises and cannot be trusted."

Former Employee - Team Member says

"Endless cons. Angry , lonely checkers are one of them."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Harassment was definitely glossed over. Upper management is sexist and cliquey. No overtime pay so if you want a huge check, prepare to work a 90 hour workweek."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long shifts, breaks and lunches are not required to be given by the company (no breaks during a 9-11 hour shift), extremely immature management, poor system for promotions, late nights, no protections in place to prevent abuse of power and no system of reporting said abuse"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"it was chill to work there with some of the people there. management was a little whacky at times but no place is perfect in that department anyway..."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"you got free movies that was cool my hours were not great being hours late to get off or randomly called in early the management was unhelpful and just a bunch of teenagers worked there"

Team Member (Current Employee) says

"A typical day working at Harkins can be stressful. Knowing the rules and informing customers managers will switch them and give the customer what they want right in front of you then you look bad. Employees are consistently being treat poorly by guests and managementFree MoviesLow Work Hours, Managers treat employees bad"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Worked for Harkins for over 7 years and was let go for no reason. They paid me a severance to get rid of me. They won't promote you unless you have a degree. They spy on employees constantly and have no loyalty to employees who are loyal to them. Sad"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"It sucks to work there. It's a hostile work environment and the customers weren't friendly at my particular location. I left first chance I got. Would not recommend."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"The place was horrible to work untrustworthy coworkers. Working at the door was a nightmare having to stand in one spot for 8-9 hours and not being allowed to sit in a chair at the booth where we ripped tickets.Free popcorn and drinks, aswell as free moviesWas only on break and limited"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working at Harkins but not as much as I thought I'd enjoy it. I disliked working around the managers and some of the employees. It was a workplace full of favorites and injustice."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"my day would consist of cleaning, selling tickets, selling snacks, ripping ticket stubs, and being a supervisor when no other supervisor was available. which happened more often than it should have without me being promoted. upper management were not at all generous in what they did to help us teenagers out with our every day tasks of running a movie theatre. but some would take their coats off and get dirty with us when we really needed it. all in all. the bad outweighs the good with this type of employment. upper management showed no respect. and would allow me to be considered full time even though I was working 96 hours every two weeks without overtime pay.free moviesno free popcorn"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"The General Manager acted like Hitler and the other managers picked favorites and most were young kids who should not have been in charge. There were a few exceptions to a couple managersFree MoviesFull Price concessions, terrible management, and low pay for harder work than most places"

Food Distributer (Former Employee) says

"Management was unfair regarding a family loss. They never respected their employees.free moviesunfair management. rude customers, unsafe working environment."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"It’s was a cool job but I noticed the managers picked favorites and that was very unfair. The most enjoyable part is that you will make friends and meet a lot of people. Hardest part is that the managers are strict about everything but some employees get away with a lot of things cause they like to choose favorites."

Team Member (Current Employee) says

"The only good thing about this job was being able to see free movies and the hours they gave out. Other than that, customers would either be yelling at me because their popcorn was not perfect or because they were late to a movie. Management time after time showed they had favorites and overworked the employees they were in charge of. Constantly stepping on popcorn or spills throughout each shift. Cleaning up everything you can think of in the bathroom.Free moviesDirty clean ups, poor management, favoritism, customers who yell at you."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"When you start working there, you are always an usher and you just walk back and forth and back and forth sweeping up random pieces of popcorn and trying to look busy. And then once the theaters get out, you have to quickly clean them so that the next guests can go in for their movie and they never leave enough time between showtimes to adequately clean. Management also acts like they're hot shots when they make about $2 more than you.free moviesstill have to pay for concessions"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"If you’re fresh out of high school, want something with flexible hours, and just a basic job to have while going to school, Harkins is for you. Everyone else, you deserve better than what they pay you/ the lack of benefits they give their entry-level workers and team leaders. The amount of stress they put on the team leaders, combined with almost entirely no autonomy or authority given to team leaders, is not worth the extra fifty cents an hour they pay their team leaders. There is also a very odd divide between assistant managers and team leaders. Harkins has gone out of its way to draw a very definite line between the two, but don’t have the pay to reflect such a difference in authority that they try to present with management (this is the only place I’ve worked in my 15 years of working experience where we had to call our managers by their last name; it’s just weird).fReE mOvIeSShort breaks, no work-life balance, no benefits offered to anyone below management, management doesn’t take harassment claims seriously"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Basic inventory skills, cleaning skills, sales oriented. Good for an entry level job with college scheduling. Began management experience there with sales."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work usually involved standing around and doing nothing for eight hours, if you were lucky to stay for that long. Managers sent many workers home due no business and improper scheduling. Everybody had, at most, only three shifts for the week and only two of those shifts were eights hours. The job wasn't difficult in any way whatsoever. The only enjoyable part of the job is getting to watch movies for free.Free moviesScheduling"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was an employee for Harkins for a little over 8 years. This was my first job. Obviously the pay isn't the best, but you should know that before you get yourself into it. I worked at about 5 different locations over the years. I started at the bottom and worked my way up to management in a short time. Be careful once you get to this position. There are a lot of people who only care about moving as far as they can within the company. Which there is no problem with that. But they will do whatever it takes to get there even if it means throwing you and the others around you under a bus to get there. Also meaning the amount of teamwork is limited within management. It's a dog eat dog world. I also like to call this company Brown Nosers-R-Us. As long as your sucking the d***s of the higher ups you should move up even higher than management very quickly. The fellow employees you work with are mostly complete tards. And unless you kill someone you won't ever get fired. Meaning you will have to put up with the worst employees ever on a daily basis and pick up their slack. Do you get acknowledged for that? Of course not. You rarely get acknowledged for anything, so I believe that's why plenty of employees often slack off or just don't really care about doing their job the right way. Hopefully this helps in a way. Stay far away if at all possible.Ok first job, free movies.Pay, employees."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"You will spend your time either serving popcorn, shelling out tickets to summer blockbusters or cleaning up popcorn, candy and nachos and sticky soda spillsFree moviesNo discount on concessions...they might as well pay you in popcorn"

Bartender (Former Employee) says

"If being micromanaged is something you are used to and enjoy, then this will work out for you. More than half of the managers lack real world experience and have been with the company since adolescence, so Harkins way is the only way.Free moviesShort lunch, management, slow, pay, corporate"

Usher/Concessions (Former Employee) says

"Working at Harkins was great at first until a change in management. A new general manager came and was extremely rude to the employees. I personally was supended since I tried to release a shift so that I could go to a doctors appointment."

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